POPULAR DISHES (Leaf Tandoori, Goole)



A mild dish related to the famous Korma using garlic butter, finely sliced parsley, coriander, coconut and cream.


Chicken or Lamb Honey

Grilled Chicken or Lamb tikka cooked with honey, cream coconut and a medium sauce.



Tandoori Mix Karahi

Very tasty dish cooked with green peppers onion and a special blend of spices.



Tandoori Garlic Mix Karahi

Tandoori sauce bhuna style.



Mixed Tikka Shahi Garlic

Mixed Tikka cooked bhuna style with garlic and our master chef's special spices (mild to medium).


Tandoori Supreme

A combination of tandoori chicken, lamb tikka and chicken tikka cooked with spring onions, peppers, herbs and spices in a spicy masala sauce.


Tiger by the River

Succulent whole king prawns cooked with a variety of spices in a medium thick sauce with aromatic flavours.


Murgh Keema Wala

Chicken on the bone finely minced with coriander, onions and cherry tomatoes, cooked sea salt and black pepper seared to perfection with paprika and spicy herbs.


Bombay Flame Chicken / Lamb

A perfectly spiced delicious aromatic recipe for a cold winter night.

£7.50 / £7.95

Chicken Leaf Special Madras

Chicken, cooked with special spices created by our master chef for your enjoyment.


Lamb Leaf Special Madras

Lamb, cooked with special spices created by our master chef for your enjoyment.


Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken Karahi

Traditional dish cooked with garlic, chopped onion, green pepper, chilli and a traditional blend of spices.


Chittagong Tiger

King Prawns from Bay of Bengal treated with lime and turmeric fessed in a pepper, onion and fennel masala and tempered curry and fenugreek leaves.


Devil's Tamarind Lamb

Tender Lamb marinated in a tamarind sauce cooked in aromatic spices.


Devil's Tamarind Chicken

Tender Chicken marinated in a tamarind sauce cooked in aromatic spices.


Pepper Roast Lamb

Spicy preparation of slow braised lamb with aromatic spices, curry leaves and crushed pepper.


Slay The Dragon

A Myser delicacy, pineapple flavoured honey glazed chicken cooked over charcoal in the tandoor.


Chicken / Lamb Tikka Pasanda

Diced boned pieces of chicken cooked in a masala sauce with fresh cream, cashew nut and coconut sauce.

£8.50 / £8.95